Why blog?

Well, hi there! So, before anything else let me introduce myself… briefly.

I am Rizzel.

That’s it! Lol. Kidding.

I am Rizzel, 20 years old, turning 21 next month (May)! My friends call me by my name (of course) but some call me ‘Riz’ some call me ‘Zel’. Either way, it’s up to you tho. A couple of years ago I thought of setting up a blog like this but I don’t have much time and I really don’t know how to start back then. And now I’m here! To share you my thoughts, my oddities, my sentiments. Aaaaaand I love reading books (that’s where my site title came from).

So, Why blog?

In our modern world, we tend to be more active on social medias, sharing every single thing we do. Like EVERYTHING!! literally. Posting your selfies, telling people where you’re going, sharing them what Netflix series you watch, showing them what you eat, you tweet when you’re sad, you upload what you do on your Instagram stories. Those kind of things. And honestly, I do most of it, I have this somewhat kind of self-satisfaction whenever I recieve likes or comments or retweets or views blah blah. Which I think is weird. Because in real life, I don’t want much attention, I’m soft-spoken, shy (when I’m not around with my friends). Traits that I conquer whenever I’m in front of my laptop or my phone.

So, why blog? Like why other bloggers blog, I want to do this to share EVERYTHING I want to share, just as much things I share on my social media, maybe more! (few audience here that actually know me so I can be my wildest self. LOL) And to somehow make my ‘social media enthusiast self’ more useful. Why? I’m planning on making book and movie reviews or TV series reviews. And to share my life experiences, heartaches (if there’s any….. hmm OK there’s a lot! *cries in Nihongo*), struggles? OK maybe not, I want less drama as much as possible. To share poetry (yes, I write sometimes) , essays etc. And talk about musiiiiiiiiiiic as well (I’m starting to get wild omg)

Another reason why I made this is to talk to people. I got this weird habit of talking to strangers in Omegle. It’s just great to talk to unfamiliar people and share your views and interests. Though it’s so rare to find sensible people there.Even so, I really like doing that. Hmm, I have a lot of friends actually, but most of the time it’s hard for me to open up to them. Sometimes, strangers understand you more that your friends do. And sometimes, It’s more easier to open up to them.

So summing up, I love sharing ideas, I love books so much! And movies, and music, and food, and writing, and talking and talking and talking. So let’s talk as soon as possible! *cheers!*


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